Supertech performance


Stainless steel valves


Our intake valves are made exclusively from an enhanced versions of EV8 (21-4N) steel. This is the highest grade of steel available and provides the strength to withstand just about any application. Our exhaust valves are made from EV16 (21-8N) or EV8-Nb/w for greater strength at higher temperatures. Some applications call for us to harden certain areas such as the tips and or the seats. For these applications we will often times weld other hard metal alloys to the valve for increased durability.

CoatingsWe mainly use these coatings for Stainless steel valves

Chrome Coating

Black Nitride Coating

This is a hardening treatment that has been steadily growing in popularity over the last several years. These black Nitride coated valves feature harder surfaces and smoother finishes, providing less friction and subsequently longer life. Please see below for more benefits of our Black Nitride valves.